Cheeky Ways to Maximize Garage Storage Space

Cheeky Ways to Maximize Garage Storage Space

According to reports from the US Department of Energy, 25 percent of US homeowners don’t park any vehicles in their garages and instead use them as storage spaces. If you, too, are using your garage to store any extra junk, you are wasting valuable space and leaving your vehicle on the driveway or parked on the road.

Not only does the weather affect the vehicle’s body but it also makes it relatively easier to be stolen. If you are wasting valuable square footage, here are some cheeky ways to clear the clutter from your garage with the right storage tips and make space for your vehicle.

Opt for custom garage solutions

Custom garage storage solutions are designed to help you reclaim wasted space and make your garage look great. Options like overhead storage spaces and garage cabinets in Galena Ohio or a city near you can be great to purge any clutter and organize everything. Contact major service providers like Your Garage Storage Guys to get custom quotes.

Throw away used paint cans

Many people tend to hold on to paint cans for touch-ups or reference, but not only do they take up valuable space in your garage, but they can also be flammable, which tends to add to hazards. Gather all empty and partially used paint cans. If you need a reference for the color in the future, a quick workaround is to note down the color code.

Wall storage

Wall space is also valuable real estate in your garage, which is often wasted. You can use the walls to put up slatwall systems to hang up most of the stuff on the garage floor. Professionals like Your Garage Storage Guys offer a number of options, including hanging racks, bins and garage cabinets in Galena Ohio and nearby areas that are great for hanging small tools, sports and gardening equipment, and more.

Garage cabinets

Cabinet storage is a great choice to hold many things behind closed doors. From last year’s Christmas tree to that rarely used surfboat you bought from Miami, stow away all non-essentials with garage cabinets.

Custom garage cabinets in Galena Ohio from major professionals like Your Garage Storage Guys, help maximize storage space in any garage.

Designated zones

Once you are done organizing all the clutter in cabinets and cupboards and have thrown away the rest, create designated zones to separate your stuff. You can choose to divide the products based on categories like sports and gardening or by frequency of use. When everything has its own place, you will feel that there is much more space to work with.

Label stickers can be great options to segregate products, which further helps improve your organization. Plus, with custom label designs, you can choose the right one to fit your garage’s aesthetics.

Seasonal shuffles

Another quirky yet clever option to maximize garage space is only to keep what you need in easy-to-reach places. For example, in summer, keep away all holiday items and the snow shovel on the higher shelves so that they are out of sight. Instead, understand the seasonal shifts and ensure you have all the items handy for the particular season so that you always have everything you need handy.

Now that you have mastered the organization skills and gotten rid of the clutter to reclaim all the valuable garage space, you are now ready to welcome your vehicle back to its rightful home. Upgrade your garage storage with the perfect custom plans from professionals like Your Garage Storage Guys and get the ideal storage and garage cabinets in Galena Ohio and nearby areas.



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