5 Advantages of Limestone Flooring

Are you looking to have some flooring fitted in your home? Have you considered limestone?

OK, so it’s not as well known as granite or even marble, but limestone has all of the benefits of both of these stones and more, meaning that it can be a worthwhile investment to make for your home.

So, why should you opt for limestone flooring over another type? Read on to find out!

It’s Durable

When you have stone flooring fitted, you don’t want it to crack and shatter when you walk on it or when your toddlers or kids run across it. So, a key benefit of limestone flooring, whether it is inside or outside of your home, is that it is durable. It is suitable for areas of high foot traffic and, in the event that you drop something heavy onto it, it will be able to withstand up to 170 lbs! If you want to learn more about its durability, head to www.mystonefloor.com.

It’s Pretty!

When you are looking to add a spot of real luxury to your home, limestone is the way to go. Visually, it has a white colour, with a light grey or blue hue, making it visually similar to marble. It will light up any space that it is put into, and it is a perfect addition to a kitchen or a bathroom, as it looks great when it is molded into tiles.

It requires minimal maintenance, too, adding to its beauty, but if you spot a stain, it is best to try and remove it with some mild dish soap. If you can’t remove it, you will need to call in professional help so that the stone does not lose its luster.

It’s Affordable

It looks like marble, but it doesn’t have the price tag of marble. Many people are surprised at how affordable limestone is, and while you should always get estimates, you should always opt for a middle-of-the-price range option. That way, you are more likely to get a quality set of stone fitted.

As mentioned before, maintenance is minimal, meaning you won’t be spending a fortune keeping it clean or sealing it. However, if you notice an area of scuffing or a spot that looks flat, it is worth reapplying a sealant to keep the surface looking uniform.

It Can Be Customised

OK, so you won’t be able to get bright blue stone tiles, but depending on where you go to have the tiles fitted, you may be able to choose tiles that have more of a traditional marble look (such as black veining) or even bright white tiles. This will help you to match the colour of the tiles to the rest of your home. 

It Adds Value

Finally, any kind of natural stone tile or flooring is going to add value to your home, especially if it is well-maintained, and if you can look after it well, it is durable enough to last decades. So, if you are looking to add value to your home, opt to have some limestone tiles fitted in your kitchen or bathroom. You could even opt for both!


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