From Driveways to Highways – Finding the Most Reliable Paving Company Nearby


A driveway is a path to a garage or house on a private lot. It may also be used as a walkway. It has been around since the days of carriages and wagons. Properly located and designed driveway entrances improve visibility and reduce vehicular conflicts. Vegetation and other obstructions should be trimmed to allow drivers to see approaching traffic on the roadway.

How to Choose a Paving Company

Homeowners must refrain from defaulting to the first asphalt paving company they find in an online search. Take the time to review several contractors and ask for quotes before hiring. The best paving company near me will provide an accurate estimate and offer a quality job for a reasonable price.

In addition to checking licensing and insurance, homeowners should request a list of references. This will help ensure that the paving contractor has experience working on projects that are similar to their own. Choosing a contractor that uses the correct type of asphalt for the project is also a good idea.

Some paving companies try to cut costs by using low-grade asphalt, which will degrade quickly and cost more in the long run. The best contractors will use a high-quality asphalt blanket, advanced Asphalt Machines, and a large crew of trained professionals to achieve your desired results.

Pavement Types

The best paving companies will take the time to plan your project properly. This will make sure your new driveway works as well as it looks. This includes considering backup spaces, traffic flow, water runoff, and the size and type of vehicles used. Asphalt pavements have many significant functions that should be considered during design.

They must provide skid resistance, legitimate riding quality, and good light-reflecting properties. Concrete pavements can withstand very intense traffic flows and high axle loads. They are now more common in urban areas, ports, and locations where heavy goods vehicles travel slowly. They are constructed with plane cement concrete that has closely spaced contraction joints.

These are usually reinforced with dowel bars or steel bars to transfer load across the joints. They are also more resistant to oil and grease stains than asphalt pavements. They are very durable but expensive to install and maintain.

Pavement Repairs

Asphalt pavements withstand heavy vehicles and constant wear and tear, but it’s important to regularly repair and maintain them to keep them looking their best. Small cracks can develop into more severe alligator cracks that tear apart the surface, which is when it’s time to call in a professional.

Pavement preservation treatments impede deterioration and extend the life of existing infrastructure, which saves money in the long run. These treatments can include patching, crack filling, and full-depth asphalt replacement. A comprehensive maintenance plan should include these services to keep asphalt in good condition. Then, a homeowner can enjoy its benefits for years to come.

Pavement Maintenance

The goal of pavement maintenance is to correct small defects or distresses while they are minor and delay the onset of more significant damage and the need for replacement. It also reduces vehicle operating costs by maintaining a smoother surface easier on tires and equipment.

The Highway Safety Manual (HSM) has been updated to incorporate driveway type and density as factors in crash prediction models. These changes are based on data that indicate differences in the frequency, types, and severities of traffic crashes associated with different driveway types on state highways. A high concentration of driveway entrances on the road requires drivers to slow down and possibly stop to allow vehicles ahead to enter or exit the roadway.

This creates a conflict with other roadway users and increases the risk of crashes. To help minimize this conflict, driveways should be designed to the recommended standard of public roads. The design standard includes paved pullover areas and reasonable sight distances.


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