Is Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller?

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Many people have been asking, “Is Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller? Angus Cloud is a recently popular TV series actor. However, every time he performs, he reminds us of the late American rapper Malcolm James McCormick or commonly known as Mac Miller.

He is a newcomer actor. He became famous for his good acting in the teen TV series released by HBO entitled Euphoria. Many people believe that maturity in his acting can pave the way to success in his film career. However, he links up with one of the American rappers who just died due to his facial resemblance.

So Is Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller?

Mac Miller was a singer, rapper, and songwriter who died in 2018. He died of an accidental drug overdose. Angus Cloud is said to have a striking resemblance to Mac Miller.

Some fans say that Angus has a lot in common with Mac Miller. That fact makes them sad because many Mac Miller fans miss him. They regret what happened to Miller a few years ago.

In addition, Angus has a role in the film as Fezco. He was a drug dealer, which led to him being linked again with Mac Miller. Is this a coincidence? Many people have started making theories.

Angus Cloud’s Educational History And Biography

Angus Cloud was born on 10 July 1994. Their parents are from Ireland. They both currently work for the University of Oakland agency. Maybe they are still working there for now.

He then enrolled in a regional school. He later got an education degree. After that, he enters the Oakland School For Arts. Angus enrolled in a technical theater major.

At the age of 26, Angus completed his education in Oakland. He then plans to return to Ireland with his parents. However, before returning home, he got to play Fezco in Euphoria.

What’s cool is Euphoria is his first film in the world of acting without undergoing acting training first.

Here’s the story about how he got the role.

In 2018, he was touring Manhattan on his business. Then he met a woman named Jennifer Venditti. He introduced himself as an employee of a casting company that was looking for actors. He is looking for someone to become an actor in an upcoming film series. Angus initially thought the woman would only trick him.

However, everything turned out to be positive after a contract offer was made. Angus later agreed to audition for a role in the film series.

After that, he then got his first role as Fezco. After getting a contract, he then followed the shooting process at Euphoria. He also took acting classes to improve his acting skills.

The Story Of Angus’ Role In The Euphoria Series

Angus is a newcomer who got a role in the TV series called Euphoria. This series tells the story of a teenager who has many problems named Rue Bennette (played by Zendaya).

He and his friends are trapped in a dark teenage life full of parties, sex, and drugs. In addition, many other talented actors, such as Maude Apatow, Eric Dane, Astor, Algee Smith, and Angus Cloud.

As the character of Fezco, Angus is told to drop out of school because he sold drugs to his classmates. Despite being a drug dealer, he is a salesperson who cares about the welfare of his consumers.

In the film, Fezco then meets a teenager named Rue. He just got out of rehab. He used to be a drug addict and is struggling to recover and get out of depression.

This TV series contains eight exciting episodes that you can watch on HBO.

Net Worth

As a newcomer, Angus probably earned good wages from Euphoria. However, if you look at his minimal film experience, maybe he’s still not very rich. We are waiting for his career development.

For now, the amount of his wealth is still a secret.

How is the Information Regarding Angus Cloud Personal Relationship?

For now, Angus still looks alone and doesn’t date anyone. But we can see further developments regarding the change in his personal status. In fact, for his physical size, Angus is actually quite an attractive person.

Angus is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He has charming Irish blue eyes. Apart from having ideal height and beautiful eyes, she has a scar on her head that she doesn’t seem to care much about.

He probably thought that the scar was an identity for him. With his acting skills and appearance, it is not impossible for Angus to soon find a date.

Is Angus Cloud Dating Sidney Martin?

Sidney Martin is an actress and model. She is best known for modeling for Pretty Little Thing as well as Iconswim. In addition, he also appeared in Euphoria for a small role in the series. Sidney appeared in Euphoria season two for a minor role where he might meet Angus.

One of the scenes that include Sidney is when Ashtray talks to a girl by the pool in the first episode before Fez enters and informs him it’s time to leave. The girl responds, “Wait, where are you going?”

Sidney then uploaded the memorable scene on his Tiktok account. They both look good together and seem quite comfortable around each other, but is that a sign that the two are currently dating?

Maybe we’ll just wait for further news. But we hope Angus will confirm the news soon because it will be a hot topic of discussion. However, we really appreciate her fashion and fun interviews.


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