How to Integrate a Stylish Mailbox into Your Home’s Exterior

One of the small luxuries of owning your own home is having a mailbox all to yourself. You no longer have to write “P.O. box” before your address or go to a separate location to pick up your mail because now you have your own mailbox that you can do anything with.

If this is something you have never considered, take this as your sign to spruce up your mailbox or get a whole new one to add style to your home’s exterior. Check below to read about the different ways in which you can make your mailbox unique and perfect for your front yard.

Go Classic

Nothing feels more like home than pulling up your driveway to see your mailbox with the little red lever up, indicating that you’ve got mail. With a classic mailbox, you can choose from a variety of colors and add that little red lever to make it easier to know when the mail has come. This type of mailbox is usually posted on a wooden stake at the front of the driveway so that it is easily visible and accessible to the mailman.  

A good classic mailbox, no matter the color, always has the address engraved in large, easy-to-read letters on either one or both sides so that both the mailman and people who are coming to visit can spot the address quickly and not get lost. This is an especially helpful feature for those whose houses are down a long driveway and visitors cannot see the numbers on the front of the house. 

Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

If your home has a unique exterior design that grabs the attention of everyone who drives by, why not extend that aesthetic to the mailbox as well? A classic mailbox is fun, but there are so many exciting ways in which people have chosen to design their mailboxes.

From mini replicas of their homes to mailboxes placed inside brick pillars, there are many ways in which people decide to display their mailboxes. If you are curious about a custom mailbox, check out the luxury mailboxes from and other websites to find the perfect one for your preferences. Remember that one of the best ways to stand out in the neighborhood is to have a mailbox that shines. 

Make it Blend In

An alternative to having a mailbox that is flashy and extravagant, consider choosing one that blends into its surrounding environment. There are many ways to go about this, but some of the coolest ways include using wood or other natural materials to make the mailbox become one with the nature around it.

This can act as a step towards privacy and an anti-theft method because passersby may not notice the mailbox and thereby can’t steal your mail. No matter what, mailboxes that blend in are popular as long as your postal worker knows where to find them.

The mailbox is one of the first parts of the house that people will see, so it is important that it makes a statement, whether that is by standing out or blending in. Although mailboxes are not as common as they used to be, they are still an important part of living in your own home. 


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