Five Top Tips When Picking A Floor For Your Bathroom

Five Top Tips When Picking A Floor For Your Bathroom

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, there’s always an awful lot to think about. Most notably, that comes in the tiling, both on the walls and on the floor.

There are all manner of different types of bathroom tiles these days, not to mention the other types of flooring, so doing your due diligence and finding the right tiles for you is key. 

It may be something you’ve never done before, for example if you’ve just moved into your first home, so to help you here are five top tips to think about when it comes to picking a floor for your bathroom…

Consider Water Resistance

While you want your flooring to look stylish, the primary consideration when selecting a bathroom floor is the ability to withstand water and moisture.

You need to opt for water-resistant materials like tiles, while ceramics and porcelain are also a good option. Vinyl tiles are also popular and effective, while materials such as laminate or hardwood flooring should be avoided as they are much more difficult to maintain and protect against water damage.

Evaluate Durability and Maintenance

Maintenance is something you should be considering too. After all, bathrooms do experience heavy usage, especially among big families.

The flooring you opt for should be easy to maintain but just as important, durable. As part of the installation, grout lines should be effectively sealed, while you want something that is also easy to sweep and clean too.

Prioritise Safety

There are hazards in a bathroom when wet, the tiled flooring being one of these. You want to get flooring that has good traction to reduce the risks of slipping.

Alongside this if you have elderly relatives, you may want to consider other mobility aids, as well as bath mats and rugs which can increase traction in the space. 

Assess Style and Aesthetics

While functionality is perhaps the most important thing, you do want both style and substance in your bathroom. 

The flooring is one of the key features so you do need to consider colours, patterns and even the size of the tiles and how they complement the rest of the bathroom. 

Mosaic tiles can be great for making a statement or adding a feature to your floor, while typically you want the bathroom to be a calming space, so gentle shades of blue and green can be a nice touch. 

Factor in Budget

Finally, consider your budget. It will be one of the most expensive investments in your bathroom, but there are also affordable alternatives that can be integrated to.

Shop around, consider your overall budget and make sure you factor in things like the durability and lifespan of the tiles, as spending a bit more now could actually save you money in the long run. 

Once you’ve considered everything, it’s then time to start thinking about the rest of the space and how you can continue the same themes and quality throughout to create the bathroom of your dreams. 


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