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YAMAHA YSP Series Promo


Client:   Yamaha Corporation

Added:   October 26, 2007

Updated:   December 05, 2008

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This is a digital sound projector that was launched globally in the fall of 2007.
We produced a DVD for “YSP-3000/4000” for overseas markets, which included an image-oriented commercial clip, some footage for measuring surround effects, and post-sale installation instructions. The DVD was dubbed in multiple languages, because they were not for the domestic Japanese market but for North America, Asia and Europe, and it is used in stores and trade shows, as well as also currently being included with the product. The YSP series, which uses the technology of reflecting sound against a wall, is the only product series in the market that allows users to enjoy not virtual but real 5.1ch surround sound in their living rooms at home, and is loved by entry to high-end users alike. In order to explain the advanced and sophisticated product, purposely using a lot of graphical motifs, we finished it up as an image-oriented video. This audiovisual masterpiece, which enables the viewer to feel the information with all the senses just like feeling sounds with 5.1ch, has been highly evaluated as a brand new approach.
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