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ITOKI Spina Promotion Design



Added:   October 24, 2007

Updated:   December 05, 2008

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On October 24, 2006, at the international office furniture fair held in Germany, ITOKI Corporation introduced a new chair product called "SPINA." Its black color, dynamic form, and unobtrusive presence are quite impressive. Standard Series worked on the domestic and overseas promotional activities for the SPINA chair, designing and producing the company's web site, product brochures, booklets, image films, and others on a total basis. The consistent design directions allowed us to clarify the role of each promotional tool and thoroughly define the characteristics of such tools based on different media, therefore, we could successfully come up with our own bold and adventurous design proposal that obviously distinguished itself from the conventional approach in office furniture promotions. The brochures have been designed to stage the products
not descriptively but rather intuitively to appeal the product design per se to users' feelings. The website has been created to provide well-organized information and include plenty of interactive elements so that visitors can understand the features of the products more clearly and easily. The promotions, which were ITOKI's brand new attempt, won a great deal of attention not only in Japan but also overseas and will build the benchmark in office furniture promotions in the future.
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