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Honda STREAM Promotion Visual Design


Client:   Honda Motor Co.,ltd

Added:   October 24, 2007

Updated:   December 06, 2008

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On July 13th, 2006, a vehicle of beautiful flowing form was introduced by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. This new model vehicle is "New Stream". Standard Series was responsible for the creation of the signature illustration, the video footage, and the website as part of their sales promotion. It was aimed at creating a promotional design that gives the sense of the excitement of driving, while giving a sophisticated urbane impression, one that is different from the image of the existing vehicle. The signature illustration was used effectively in the website, the video footage, and the catalogue as "Stream Line" expressed in flowing curves. On the teaser website, Stream Line changes everytime one accesses it. The website was designed to develop the viewer's sense of anticipation to the utmost to make them want to visit the website again. With the video footage that was created for the store front and for the website, by overlapping Stream Line on to the footage filmed in Paris, it created a new world-view that leaves a strong impression on the viewers' mind.
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