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Komyo ga tsuji - TV Drama Opening Sequence


Client:   NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Added:   October 24, 2007

Updated:   December 04, 2008

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The historical epic drama ("Taiga Drama") NHK introduces every year always comes under the spotlight for its newsworthiness. We took charge of the art direction for the opening footage of the 2006 epic drama called "Komyo ga Tsuji" to be aired throughout the 2006 broadcast year. To fully express the grandeur of the epic drama, one of the oldest programs on NHK, while showing the freshness of being current and also the refined beauty unique to Japan - this was our goal driving us to carry out the image design project. With the historical background of the story, the personal relationships of each character are presented as "flowing lines." The motifs in the background not only show the historical time period but also give the images of the four seasons to the audience, by which we attempted to express "vanity," "strength," and "beauty." In the motion graphics in concert with the originally scored orchestral music, we successfully blended the dignity of the highest status of the single super popular program in Japan with the new and sophisticated expressions created by our state-of-the-art techniques.
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