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Dread & Superficiality: Woody Allen as Com...



Client:   Abrams ComicArts

Added:   April 03, 2011

Updated:   April 03, 2011

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In the mid-seventies, cartoonist, author, and humorist Stuart Hample decided to pitch a newspaper cartoon strip about Woody Allen (then approaching the height of his popularity and acclaim with the upcoming release of Annie Hall). He was friends with Woody, and took the idea to him to develop it. This book documents their collaboration, and selections of the resulting 9 years of comic strips that Hample produced. 
It was a treat to work on, and the editor (Charlie Kochman) and I got to work directly with Stuart Hample to prepare the materials for the book. The cover is a detail from a weekly strip, and I hand-drew the title type to try to give it a casual and cartoony feel, without resorting to cheap imitation of this kind of craft. Stu Hample even inked my lettering himself, to make sure that it had his stamp of approval, and evidence of his hand in the final piece.
Cover photograph by Geoff Spear, on uncoated wood-free paper. 
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