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Client:   Abrams

Added:   July 03, 2011

Updated:   July 03, 2011

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Discipline:   Book Design


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Kellner Design said on August 12, 2011

As bookstores disappear it's getting harder to actually find books to look at, to pick up and rifle the pages, maybe even fondle a little. Matter of fact, I happened to encounter this particular book, weird to say, on my way to the pharmacy counter in a local Costco. Nevertheless, Holy Smokes! This book pretty much jumped off the table, wiggled its hips, did a fancy musical number, and then cooed in my eyes.
I'm not any kind of Monroe fan as such, but I am a fan of big, beautiful, layout-sexy book design. And considering there're about a billion gaze-covetous items—all of em in bulk—in any given Costco store, it's a testament to the book's cover design that it caught my eye at all. But once it did, and I started perusing the interior, the thing was as hard to put back on the table as 12 yards of unraveled duct-tape. I don't remember if I even picked up my meds that day.

Superbly designed throughout, and wearing a jacket that does just about everything a well-filled cocktail dress is meant to. Oboy!