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Everything Changes. Nothing Changes.



Client:   Florida Municipal Power Agency

Added:   May 20, 2007

Updated:   November 12, 2008

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Tags:   annual report


After two years of assisting in the design of the FMPA Annual Report, I finally found myself in the lead design role. It was, as one might expect, as terrifying as it was exhilarating, but after several creative meetings and even more sleepless nights, I hit upon the concept that became the central theme of the report. The basic idea was that while the energy industry and it's conditions were constantly changing, FMPA was an unremitting force keeping high costs and price volatility at bay. I chose to illustrate this play between unpredictability and stability through photographs of employees who'd been working with FMPA for years. The gentleman on the cover had been working with FMPA since it's formation 29 years earlier, and on the inside front cover is the same gentleman, in the same office 29 years later. Judson Cowan flew down to Florida with me and shot this report in three days, traveling over a thousand miles and visiting five Floridian cities in the process.
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