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Ricky Jay on The Stem


Client:   Ricky Jay

Added:   May 11, 2007

Updated:   August 04, 2009

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Tags:   poster, print, retouching


Magician Ricky Jay was commissioned by David Mamet to perform off Broadway.

Of note for this poster concept is that Ricky's slight-of-hand expertise has typified him as world renowned. The cards are and integral part of his magic, and his menacing face are unmistakable.

I designed and performed all of the retouching on this poster, also featured in Exposé III, the international annual of digital art.
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Kellner Design said on November 26, 2008

What, again with the elegance? Attractive and handsomely executed. There's a sort of sinister good humor to it, which seems exactly right for these two tricksters.