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The Story of God


Client:   Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City

Added:   May 30, 2008

Updated:   January 25, 2011

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Art Direction and Design
Type by Marian Bantjes

Since its publication in 1994, The Story of God has played an important role in implementing and advancing the study of narrative theology. One of the first books to formulate and examine Wesleyan theology using the Bible's overarching story, it continues to serve as a popular text in colleges and universities and as a reliable resource for ministers and theologians.

Unlike other books, which use a topical or systematic approach to understanding theology, The Story of God uses the flesh-and-blood stories of the Bible to help readers see the complete picture of God's love for the world and in doing so, gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Christian faith.

Updated and revised, this new edition provides readers with an even more engaging and accessible introduction to Christian theology. Drawing from Scripture, everyday experience, and contemporary reflection, Michael Lodahl weaves together the stories and themes of the Bible to present a compelling picture of the grand story of God.

1 - Final cover with spine
2 - Final cover
3 - Print version

Winner of AIGA A5 award for book cover design.

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Charles Brock said on June 25, 2008

Beautiful. I would certainly pick this up if I saw it on the shelf.

Anthony Galeano said on June 28, 2008

"Art distills sensation and embodies it with enhanced meaning in memorable form" JAQUES BARZUN And that form is your creations! Anthony Galeano. :))

M. Joshua Cauller said on August 19, 2008

Wow. That makes me want to start redesigning theology books. Seriously.

Tammy Johnson said on April 20, 2009

wicked good design!