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Tourist Magnet Project


Client:   SET, Sonderborg Kommune, Ivaerksaetter Fabrikken Sonderborg

Added:   September 02, 2012

Updated:   September 02, 2012

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Tourist Magnet Project
In this project I was responsible for a team of people that was assigned to develop prototypes of the concepts invented by the participants of the project. The goal was to invent a new tourist magnet for Sonderborg, we had 2 days to develop 5 good looking prototypes for the final presentations. Enjoy the video in which the process and result it shown

My team:
 Thijs Roumen (me, teamleader)
 Behnam Chaboki Rayeni
 Mikkel Callesen
 Agnes Caglio
 Andreas Heiberg 

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Cardboardia said on December 12, 2012