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Fruit Ninja 3D


Client:   Student work

Added:   January 29, 2012

Updated:   January 29, 2012

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Fruit Ninja 3D

Fruit ninja 3D is based on the smartphone application Fruit Ninja. it is a game to be played in bar contexts just for fun. But there is a deeper layer to this game, at the end of each game session the game uploads the results in the form of a funny message to social media like Twitter or Facebook. In that way the players have something to share with their friends later on which is fun, but the real purpose is to generate a lot of promotion for the bar in which it is placed. By means of these "funny messages" the bar reaches the very large audience of friends of the players. The core of this concept is named Kuchi and consists of this typical promotion tool which can be applied in virtually any entertainment based game.

Design team: Thijs Roumen, Robert Huitema, Oana Secara, Brian Schewe

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