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Client:   Student work

Added:   January 02, 2012

Updated:   January 02, 2012

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Video of WiiRide in action:

Nintendo has introduced a revolutionary way of gaming with the introduction of the Wii. Physical activity became the core of the gaming interaction. But what would be the next step in the succession of the Wii?

WiiRide provides a gaming platform that is no longer limited to a screen nor to playing inside, by using the wii remote to control physical objects (in this case a toy car) people can go out and play the games. In that way skill can be shown to others while maintaining the "magic" of a virtual world.

The wiIride is not easy to master though, because your skill influences the speed of the car and the driving fluency it is clear who is the best driver. And on top of that the engine sound is linked to your skill, so great drivers can master a ferrari where others drive an old fashioned tractor..

STATE OF PRODUCT: The WiiRide exists in a working prototype which is also shown in the video
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