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Think to Linc.



Client:   IT&Co

Added:   January 02, 2012

Updated:   January 02, 2012

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Video of Think to Linc. in use:

Think to Linc. is a tangible business model which centers around the link between an enterprise's customer segments and value propositions. By physically linking them together an entrepreneur can explore his own business model and look for ways to improve it. The scale and shape of the product invite other people at the table to interact with the model as well and thus share their vision on the business. This leads to fascinating insights and thorough discussions even if the participants do not neccesarily understand all of the contents of the (written) business model of the company.

The model is divided in 3 sections; the value propositions, the channels (middle divider) and the customer segments. First the user can map his/her business by placing the wooden items in the right positions. Then he/she can connect them using the orange rope. The length of the rope represents the amount of resources used in the process. Once everything is linked together one can look for ways to improve by changing the course of the rope which essentially is a change in the business model. In that way less resources could be needed or more customers could be addressed.

STATE OF PRODUCT: Working model which is ready to be used and which soon will be used in some workshop sessions.
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