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Circle of Trust


Client:   Student work

Added:   January 02, 2012

Updated:   January 02, 2012

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Video of Negotiation Skills Workshop using the Circle of Trust:

 Circle of Trust is a board game which is solely based on negotiation between the players. Together they need to find ways to compete and collaborate through tough negotiation sessions. The goal of the game is to practise/ improve the negotiation skills of the participants. The players have to allocate their (limited amount of) resources to different projects that are managed by one of the other players. The game works especially well in a skill training session with multiple games played simultaneously. 

It is fascinating to see how different strategies lead to different results and how people develop their own style in negotiating. The reason why a game is perfect for practising negotiation is that there is nothing real to lose for the participants, you can just try another strategy and see how it suits you and what the results are. That is the perfect environment in order to practise this unique skill.

STATE OF PRODUCT: 6 versions of the game have been built, and there is a set-up designed for workshops/training sessions. You can contact me if you are interested in booking us for a similar workshop.

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