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Typophile T-shirt Contest (2008)



Client:   Typophile

Added:   June 18, 2012

Updated:   June 18, 2012

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Two ideas I submitted to Typophile's T-shirt Contest, 2008 edition. Created with QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator.

#1: First entry, riffing on the cover of Emil Ruder's Typographie. Typeface: ITC Franklin Gothic.
#2: Detail. The tagline in the bottom left corner reads, "An online type community."
#3: Second entry, which is an idea I recycled from an unused self-promotion piece. Typeface: Ketchupa.
#4: Detail. The tagline ("Where do you see type?") was derived from another contestant's entry (ihoff's Tetris-inspired "We see type everywhere.").
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