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2012 New Year's Card


Client:   Self

Added:   January 22, 2012

Updated:   November 08, 2013

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Emailed to friends, family, clients and colleagues; each recipient got one of four versions. The inspiration for this one came from a 19th century British poster advertising iron mine work (shown in Justine Nagan's documentary film, Typeface).

version A
#2: version B
#3: version C
#4: version D
#5: the inspiration for the card, as it appears in the movie Typeface

Dimensions: Illustrator file: 8.5 inches (w) x 5.5 inches (h); final JPEG: 612 pixels (w) x 396 pixels (h).
Typefaces: Bodoni Poster, Trade Gothic, Giza.
Client: Self.

Version A appears in the book Type Rules!: The Designer's Guide to Professional Typography, 4th Edition, by Ilene Strizver (Wiley, 2013). 
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