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Palo Alto


Client:   Faber & Faber

Added:   February 28, 2011

Updated:   February 28, 2011

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Illustration & lettering by Miriam Rosenbloom.

Printed in blue foil on grey uncoated stock.

Published January 2011
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Sydney Nogle said on February 28, 2011

I actually just finished reading that book. I think that your cover accurately portrays the contents of the book as the pen stroke nature seems like something a teenager might doodle and practically every story involves driving somewhere, which I'm sure could be considered a metaphor. Good job!


Jason Gabbert said on March 01, 2011

So good! SO GOOD!


Steven Seighman said on March 01, 2011

Perfect cover for this book.


Ferran Lopez said on March 02, 2011

Really good! Congrats


Andrew Brozyna said on March 02, 2011

I love this. I like how the blue foil looks like ball point pen ink.


Chris Silas Neal said on March 03, 2011