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1940s Club Syrup Label


Client:   The 1940 Club

Added:   September 16, 2008

Updated:   December 16, 2010

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Nineteen 40-acre plots of hardwood forest in Michigan's upper peninsula can produce a lot of maple syrup. Enough to guarantee a long list of friends despite being a small scale, all natural, production. The front label I created features an illustration of the native, honey-loving bear drinking from the tap while the back features a tongue and cheek warning about the addictive properties of the syrup. Notches where the syrup level aligns on the way to the bottle becoming empty indicate "Beg", "Borrow" and "Steal" as a warning to the friends receiving a bottle as a gift. Alerting them to the changes in behavior they may experience as they run out of the precious, amber, breakfast topping.

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