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Yearbook Yourself



Client:   Taubman Centers, Inc.

Added:   September 11, 2008

Updated:   December 16, 2010

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YearbookYourself has been nominated for a Webby in the Best Viral Campaign category! If you are interested the Webby's invite you to
cast your vote for the People's Choice award in this and all of the other award categories. has been a successful back-to-school campaign for Taubman (owner and operator of high end malls around the country) and is a great example of the positive brand experience that is possible when the idea is fun and participatory, and the hard sell is dialed way down. During the four month campaign over 15 million visitors from 220 countries engaged with the site for an average of 10 minutes. This is a project on which I was the interactive creative director at Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis. This image is from the original design phase, not a screen shot, so it is not an exact match. I would like to give a shout out to the integrated creative team: Mike, Eric, Nina, Tim, Grant, Lindsey, Andrew, Kyle, Jason, Julie, Brian, Sarah, Jamie and our fearless intern Judson.

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Blake Suárez said on September 25, 2008

You have NO IDEA, how many times we've taken photos on photobooth just for this up in the UF design dept.