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Tourism, branding and 55 logos


Tourism, branding and 55 logos

Tourism has become one of the most profitable industries. As the interests differs from one individual to another (culinary tourism, cultural tourism, or ordinary see sighting) so does the need for differentiation of those entitys or countrys. In an attempt to position themselves on a specific niche, they also have to create a visual identity; an identity that we are going to look at only from the logo point of view.

Here we have 55 logos that represent, or at list try to do that, the tourism industry in a specific country.

Personally, I don’t see the relevance of some logos, not because I don’t know the information that those design where baste on, but because some of them look almost the same. If you search for logos from the 2007-2009 campaigns you would see a copy, of a copy, of a copy (and still can).
Anyway, here is the 2011 perspective on the tourism logo design.


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