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The Heads of State = GREAT!


The Heads of State = GREAT!

Theses chaps are swell! They have been big in the gigposters scene for a while! The Heads of State was the first design group that I was introduced to that was involve in the modern poster culture. My initial reaction was, well, that looks sweet! Then I was like "how do they do that?" and "How can i do that?"... So now i have been fully inundated in the community that is poster making. The heads of state and other greats (Print Mafia, Lure, Micah Smith, etc. ) obviously use a screenprinting process to make there prints! I am impressed with their amazing textured shapes and great text use! I am also inspired by their color use and "edges" that they achieve in their work!


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Brian Slawson said on March 29, 2007

Thanks for the post. I like the Karate poster — particularly the way that the umbrella can simulaneously be seen as waves.


Sean Hartman said on April 01, 2007

Yes! I'm lucky enough to have some of their posters. I've loved them forever. I love that Karate poster you selected to include...