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Does Your Website Send the Wrong Message?

Link: http://www.mediacontour.com/blog/2009/05/does-your-website-send-the-wrong-message/

Does Your Website Send the Wrong Message?

Today it seems as though there is a race for businesses to get
online.  Sure, there are templates that allow you to “fill in the
blanks,” add a few stock photos and throw up a website real quick. 
This is the cheap way to do it, but what most businesses don’t realize
is that when you use a template that thousands of other websites have
used, you’re business is also seen as “cheap.”

Your website should be custom designed
with your customer in mind.  You have spent time creating a brand and
image for your company.  Why destroy that brand with a website design
that a thousand other people are also using?  By doing so, you are
sending out the message that you don’t want to be unique and that you
are not better than your competitors.

Choose a Website Designer that is Raising the Bar

When selecting a website design service, it’s vital that they not only
fulfill your needs in the design aspect of web development, but also
ensure that your website is a direct extension and reflection of your
business.  The right designer will assist you with:

Business Development – Your brand image, logo design, brand development and even the training of your own webmaster.

Business Consulting – Creating the color palette,
icons and other nomenclature specific to your business that will create
an overall professional look for your company.

Identity & Branding – Creating more than just business cards and letterhead, but also customized emails, newsletters and more.

Information Architecture – Creating a solution that allows you to create an easy to use solution for the update and management of your website.

Web & Graphic Design – Services that mesh your
corporate identity with your online portrayal.  Combining the
components of your brand and identity into your web design creates
harmony between your marketing materials and branding as a whole.

Logo Design – The creation of your logo because your logo is your business’s face.  This is how customers will identify with you.

Business Collateral – Creating print material that
corresponds with your website’s design and graphics.  It should all
work together cohesively and the right designer will help you to ensure
just that.

Marketing & Sales Material – Ensuring that
every aspect of your website works with your marketing and sales
material as well from your letterhead to other promotional items such
as press releases, fact sheets, press kits, and more.

Services Your Web Designer Should Provide

Not only should your website and business image work together
cohesively, but it must appeal to the customer or client as well.  A
premiere website design service will ensure that your website does just
that by providing you with:

An appealing header and logo that is easy for your customer to remember.

High quality photographs that show off your location, products and property.

A color scheme with aesthetic tones that convey an up-to-date view of your business.

A professional website appearance that shows you are an authority in your industry.

Browser compatibility that ensures all Internet users can view your
site the way it was meant to be seen whether they use Microsoft
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Analytics that provide you with information on your traffic and the usability of your website.

Specific coding that influences on the search engines see your website and provide optimal usability.

Today’s process of web design should not be one that merely creates
a cookie cutter website design.  By selecting the right website
designer, you should find customer service that goes beyond graphics
and coding, but also ensures your business image as a whole is one of
modern professionalism.  Anything less means that you are sending
customers to your competition.


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