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Design Nori, laser-cut sushi rolls

Design Nori, laser-cut sushi rolls

sakura and mizutama laser cut nori designs
Tokyo-based agency, I&S BBDO, developed a campaign to add a level of uniqueness to traditional nori for their client Umino Seaweed Shop. The symbolic pattern designs include: Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), Mizutama (Water Drops), Asanoha (Hemp), Kikkou (Turtle Seashell), Kumikkou (Tortoise Shell).
laser cut seaweed, designer sushi rolls / I&S BBDO
“First off, we made the decision to apply design thinking to the product itself, not just the packaging. We also needed to choose the right designs. We wanted to convey our classic brand heritage and our positive hope for the future so that our customers could sense our values and feel more optimistic when seeing our designs. So we carved into nori various classic patterns (MonYo) from Japanese history that signify happiness, long-life, etc. By combining a traditional product with a modern laser cutter, these patterns create an entirely new type of nori never seen before...” —I&S BBDO via spikes.asia

(via LA Weekly)


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