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Madrid 2016 Olympic Logo?


Madrid 2016 Olympic Logo?

With all the fuss about the recent London 2012 logo (which has grown on me... slowly) and the replacement of the Chicago 2016 logo. I thought this might be interesting.

Madrid Spain has been having a competition to design the 2016 Olympic bid logo. They are now having a public vote to determine which of the ten logos will survive the cut. The top three will then go in front of a delegation from the organizing committee, they will then choose the logo to represent the bid.

It seems they are going to great lengthes to publisize the competition as a way to gain public support. They may also be using this competition to make sure they don't have problems like London or Chicago. Some of the ideas are fantastic, others I am not a fan of, either way it makes me think.

The winning logo is the hand with multicolored fingers and the black M in the palm of the hand.


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Kirksey Wells said on August 31, 2007

I'm in between number 3 and 4 on the top row. 4 is more conventional, but 3 could be amazing when applied to the motion components of the Olympic collateral. As far as voting for the logo goes, I don't know how smart that solution ultimately will be. Sure, they may avoid the problems that London experienced with their logo (which still has yet to grow on me) but they now create an entirely new set of problems; namely non-designers choosing a logo that they have no insight into. There are arguments on both sides, and I concede that ultimately the "people" of the city, and indeed the nation, will be represented by the chosen mark, but does it give them the right to make that final decision? I mean, did they get to vote on the athletes representing them on the fields, or the performers at the opening ceremonies? WHy weren't they consulted on the budget or asked to weigh in on the architecture of the new buildings that always seem to pop up when a city is chosen for the Olympics. I think voting on the logo only trivializes an already under-appreciated artform. It's so easy to post some .jpgs up on a site and make people feel like they're part of a process that it must seem like a win-win for the Olympic Committee, but tell that to the designer that has to produce the monstrosity that ends up being selected.


Brian Slawson said on August 31, 2007

in my junior design class the other day students brought in a large set of nearly random identity marks. we then ordered them from best to worst. an interesting discussion followed on what makes a mark "good" or "bad" as they went through the sorting process. anyway, the london 2012 mark happened to be in the bunch, and it ended up dead last. what were the issues with the chicago 2016 logo, i haven't heard that story.


Telmo Ramos said on December 10, 2009

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