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The Memory of My Wardrobe by Ida Taavitsainen

Link: http://www.milim.com/work.php?&id=197

The Memory of My Wardrobe by Ida Taavitsainen

You can see a portfolio of Ida Taavitsainen's work here .

The Memory of My Wardrobe, a project by photographer Ida Taavitsainen explores the personal narratives given to clothes either bought second hand, or received as hand-me-downs, inherited through the family.

Ida explores how each of the garments might have been worn by someone else before her. She wonders when they would have been worn, by whom and how they might have traveled to end up in her wardrobe. If they could speak, what stories would they tell?

Attempting to give life to something that does have a character but remains inanimate, Ida acknowledges how common it is to outgrow clothing, but in some cases, the clothing surpasses it's natural life span and becomes a vintage item, echoing a passed time, preserved over decades for both their beauty and intrinsic memory.

She states: 'One's wardrobe is witness to presence as much as it is about performance, but The Memory of My Wardrobe is also an ode to the times when clothes were made to last and an autobiography of the materials they are made from - a family album without people'.
Ida Taavitsainen's is a Finnish photographer currently residing in London. Her interest in photography began early on in her teens and eventually became her chosen profession. As a recent graduate from the University of the Creative Arts, Taavitsainen uses her lens to investigate concepts of the family and memory.

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