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TOPIC / Sculpture

typographic felt sculptures

typographic felt sculptures

It was impossible not to stop and take notice of the sculptural designs by Andrea Cavagnaro. The colorful work of the artist instantly reminded me of Jen Stark’s cut paper art, but furrier and more organic. The incorporation of Spanish words and phrases in a cursive lettering style is what makes Cavagnaro’s creations memorable to me. Andrea Cavagnaro is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and recently focused on textile designs.
"El amor es invisible / Love is invisible"
Todo Amor es Poderoso / Every love is Powerful
"Tu cuerpo es el lenguaje / Your body is the language"
Tu cuerpo es el lenguaje / Your body is the language
"Inhalar-Exhalar / To inhale-To exhale"
Inhalar-Exhalar / To inhale-To exhale

(found via The Jealous Curator via Pattern Pulp)


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