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The Type Directors Club's too sexy promo?


The Type Directors Club's too sexy promo?

The new TDC membership promo booklet I received in the mail was an unexpected surprise. To kick off a new series of "limited edition keepsakes commissioned by the Type Directors Club," Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich took a bold approach with a tongue and cheek guide on "How to Make Love to Your Type." The copy-writing and style of this approach is a noticeable departure from the more conservative collateral materials one tends to expect from the Type Directors Club.

(the Art Directors Club had their Pimp My Brand campaign back in 2005 which raised a few eyebrows, while the TDC sent out the classy invite for an Alejandro Paul talk last year).

Here are photos of the spreads in the borderline risqué promotional book:

Though some may not be able to get past the far from subtle sexual references in the new TDC promo book, one can still appreciate the cleverness and unique typographic solutions. Regardless of how you feel about the accusation of an overt attempt to sell their brand with sex, the Type Directors Club is a top-notch, highly respected organization that I can with my heart recommend to all aspiring and professional designers.

This new initiative to commission limited edition designs intrigues me (especially when so many other organizations are cutting down on their printed materials). I'll look forward to the future collaborations appearing in my mailbox throughout the year.


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Matt Sung said on April 08, 2010

This takes "playful type" to a new level. And this interactive piece on the TDC's site takes it even further.