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Type Directors Club / TDC Annual: Typography 29


Type Directors Club / TDC Annual: Typography 29

One of the perks of being a TDC member is receiving the annual. The yearly publication continuously features some of the most beautiful, and innovative typography work. This year's TDC 29 Annual, designed by Studio Apeloig, is no exception. The annual represents work from numerous international designers. For the TDC 54 competition, 64% of the winners were from outside of the U.S.A., representing 19 different countries (more of the breakdown here).

Along with including all the winning entries from the TDC 54 exhibition, the book also has a section for type designs from the TDC2 2008 competition. One of the highlights of the book is the back section which is includes a reproduction of the original catalog pages from the 5th Type Directors Competition back in 1959.

The TDC 55 and TDC2 2008 2009 call for entries is still open, and the winners of these competitions will earn a spot in next year's Typography 30 annual. Friday, December 19th, 2008 is the deadline for submissions.

The book is best viewed in person, but below are a few distant spread shots (note: most entries in the book include more credit information and a listing of typefaces used) :

Spread for Ed Fella, one of the Judges for the TDC 54 competition

Calendar design by George Tscherny on left, Pentagram's 2008 calendar on right

Book jacket design by Evan Gaffney on left, Nicole Caputo's lettering and design on right

Packaging design by Sandstrom on left, Canton bottle design by Mucca Design on right

Poster design by Eric Cai Shi Wei on left, Poster designs by Shinnoske Inc. on right

Restraint Typeface design by Marian Bantjes and Ross Mills on the left, Marat  typeface design by Ludwig übele and Den Hagge on right (both entries are part of the TDC2 2008 section)

Sample spread from the reproduction pages for The Fifth Annual Awards Exhibit of Typographic Excellence from 1959


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