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Martin Venezky's Appetite Engineers Poster Design

Link: http://www.appetiteengineers.com/

Martin Venezky's Appetite Engineers Poster Design

This week I was surprised to see a poster addressed to myself, with a neon yellow mailing sticker atop a perforated, transparent mailing sleeve. I have no idea how I ended up on Martin Venezky’s mailing list…but I am very happy to have received the Martin Venezky’s Appetite Engineers’ “unusually early Spring 2008” promotional mailer. The poster announces the studio’s new location at 165 Jessie Street, San Francisco, California. For anyone familiar with past Venezky promotions, “The Cat” appears in “12 new Action poses.” There are also 12 design projects highlighted within the inside spread. With a loud assortment of colors, typography styles and “cats”, the disorder of the poster planes end up forming one visually engaging poster. “We know that design organizes, straightens, clarifies, cleans things up, Makes things nice. But if that’s all that design accomplished, how do we account, for the euphoric bustling world? It is designed, too…” (excerpt from poster) It Is Beautiful...then Gone by Martin Venezky, was released in paperback in late August 2007.


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